HTML5 JavaScript Geolocation in Browser

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The Geolocation API provides a method to locate the user’s exact position. This is useful in a number of ways like providing a user with location specific information, providing route navigation etc.

Although it’s not actually part of the HTML5 specification, as it was developed as a separate specification by the W3C.


Currently the W3C Geolocation API is supported by the following desktop browsers:

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1 Zappie (Free)
This is new and interesting: a nursery rhymes app that uses augmented reality technology. It includes eight rhymes, including Wheels On The Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat and Twinkle Twinkle, and involves buying products like wall stickers and greetings cards, then pointing the camera at them to trigger the musical videos.
2 Disney Fairies: Lost & Found (£0.65)
Tinker Bell and her fellow fairies are the heroines for this game, which falls into the hidden-objects genre. Children explore a selection of scenes from Pixie Hollow hunting for items hidden on-screen, unlocking a storybook chapter-by-chapter as they progress.
3 Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon (£1.29)
Again, one app chosen from a much larger catalogue from the developer: if your kids like this, it’s well worth investigating the other Dr. Panda apps. This is a virtual beauty salon that gets children painting (faces and nails), dressing up customers and, er, plucking nasal hairs. 11 activities are included.
4 Talking Angela (Free)
Developer Outfit7′s Talking Friends apps are huge, having done more than 1bn downloads so far. And while Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ginger and others are all worth investigating, Talking Angela is the most recent of the major characters in the series. Talk to her, and she talks back, while there are other ways to interact via text and gestures.
5 I Spy with Lola (£1.49)
BeiZ is another developer running with a panda theme for its children’s apps on Android: in this case, a character called Lola. This app sees her travelling the world, with children completing tasks to unlock new locations. And if your 3-8 year-old(s) like this, there are plenty more where it came from.
6 Lego Duplo Train (Free)
This entirely free app acts as a showcase for Lego’s Duplo range, themed around trains. Aimed at toddlers, it sees them loading and driving a cargo train, but also refuelling it and laying new tracks.
7 Toca Kitchen (£1.25)
Toca Boca has a fervent fanbase of parents (and children) on iOS, so it’s encouraging to see the company targeting Android too. This is its virtual cooking game, where children slice, dice and cook 12 ingredients for four characters, who aren’t slow to express their unhappiness if the food isn’t up to scratch. It’s tactile and fun, and may well encourage kitchen experimentation in the real world. For better or worse!
8 Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 HD (£1.99)
This app teaches children more than 40 animals’ names through jigsaw puzzles, reading their names aloud as it goes. Puzzles can be played as two, four or nine-piece jigsaws to suit different ages, with hints and voice narration to encourage children along the way.


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1 Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD (£0.74)
Cuddly monster Om Nom has become a favourite character for millions of children over the past couple of years. This is his latest game, following the format laid down in previous titles: cut ropes to guide sweets into his mouth. This time round, there’s a time-travelling theme, and a second monster to feed on every level.
2 Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Free)
Also Known As the game that was downloaded 100m times across iOS and Android in its first three months. This has been an enormous hit among children and adults alike, with its Temple Run-style endless gameplay seeing one of the film’s Minion characters dodging enemies, leaping obstacles and collecting bananas. In-app purchases are included.
3 Max’s Pirate Planet (£0.62)
This is a family-friendly multiplayer game that takes its cues from board games. Up to four players compete to sail the high seas searching for treasure and fighting duels, with sea monsters thrown in for good measure.
4 Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo (£1.99)
A game that should be much bigger than it is on Android, this gets children folding a colourful menagerie of origami animals, then keeping them happy with items and activities. Its virtual currency is only earned by playing rather than in-app purchases, while the origami aspect can be used to learn how to make the animals in the real world too.
5 Skylanders Cloud Patrol (£1.28)
Activision’s Skylanders has been a big hit on console (and a sizeable dent in many parents’ wallets due to its physical toys element). It’s also made its way to mobile devices, with this action shooter getting children to blast troll characters off the screen. It works with the Skylanders figures too: they can be unlocked to help in the gameplay.
6 Temple Run 2 (Free)
The original Temple Run game was a big hit with children: I once saw a startling video at a children’s conference of a four year-old playing it with about three times the skill and speed that I’ve ever had. This sequel bumps up the graphics, adds a mine-cart racing section, and more power-ups. As before, it uses in-app purchases.
7 Toy Story: Smash It! (£0.64)
If Angry Birds was in 3D, and starred Buzz Lightyear, it might look something like this. Kids control Buzz as he runs around more than 90 structures lobbing balls to make them fall over, with other Toy Story characters making cameo appearances along the way.
8 Where’s My Mickey? (£0.64)
If your children have ploughed through Disney’s Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? this is the next place to point them. Like those games, it’s a physics-based puzzler where you guide water through more than 100 levels, except this time the hero is Mickey Mouse. An in-app purchase unlocks additional levels starring Goofy.


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1 colAR Mix (Free)
Augmented reality technology can sometimes seem like a gimmick, but there’s huge scope for it to be used in fun and educational ways in children’s apps. This falls into the fun category: you print outlines from the colAR website, get your children to colour them in, then point your smartphone’s camera at the paper to turn them into 3D objects.
2 Disney Princess: Story Theater (£0.64)
Another book-app from Disney, but this time it’s children doing the storytelling. Focused on the Cinderella, Ariel and Belle characters from Disney films, this gets kids to choose scenes, characters, props and actions, then records their voice telling stories about them.
3 FableScapes 2 (Free)
There’s a mini-trend in children’s apps taking the puppet-theatre idea and digitising it. FableScapes 2 is a good example: children choose characters and scenes, then change their expressions and create their own stories to share. Pirates, knights and wizards, and space are the three included themes.
4 FriendStrip Kids Pro (£0.99)
This is another inventive idea for a children’s app: it offers a library of 85 comic strip stories, and gets children to remake them by taking their own photos and replacing the individual cels. From pirate ships to superheroes, the range of themes gives plenty of scope for children’s imagination.
5 Gomma Friends (£0.76)
This is a great example of digital play extending into the real world. The app gets children to dress up virtual characters and explore scenes, earning digital gifts as they go (“a basketball hoop, a little cottage, themed coloring pages, a cake…”). The twist being that you can then print these out and make them in the real world.
6 Magic Belles: Magic Music (Free)
More music here: an app about six magic fairies, each with their own musical mini-game to play. The app is aimed at 3-6 year-olds, so it’s light on dry music theory, focusing instead on having fun manipulating sounds.
7 Mickey’s Paint and Play (£0.64)
More from Disney, but this time it’s about colouring rather than reading or telling stories. The app presents kids with a digital colouring book featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse in a selection of scenes. Once a scene is coloured in, tapping on a magic-wand button turns it into a 3D version.
8 Mr Bean Color & Paint Book (£0.69)
Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean has already been reinvented as a kids’ cartoon character, and it’s that version that provided the source material for this digital colouring app. It offers three difficulty levels with 12 images in each to paint, with social sharing and the ability to save pics to print out.
9 Toca Hair Salon 2 (£0.81)
Probably the first app I’d recommend any Android-owning parent to download, this is a marvellous piece of work, putting kids in the shoes of a hairdresser sorting out the barnets of a collection of cartoon characters. Cutting, dyeing, washing and combing are all included, with simple, intuitive controls for younger kids, and impressively-deep scope for creativity for older children.
10 Toy Story: Story Theater (£0.64)
This follows the same pattern as the princesses app described earlier, just with Buzz, Woody and Jessie from the Toy Story films. Children pick scenes, characters, props and actions, then record their own voices telling the stories that ensue.


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1 10monkeys Multiplication (Free)
Monkeys and mathematics: together at last! This app stars, yes, 10 monkeys who are trapped, and need children to help them by working through times tables from two to 10. It’s the first in a planned series of educational apps from the company behind it.
10monkeys Multiplication:
The 10 Monkeys Multiplication app is a fun multiplication tables app for kids. With 10 Monkeys Multiplication, kids will free the trapped monkeys using their multiplication skills! Bo’s ten monkey friends are in trouble – they are trapped and need your help! You need to free the monkeys using your multiplication skills and mastering times tables from 2 to 10. Think you can do it? We know you can, and we promise you will have lots of fun while doing so!
Select your challenge from our 10 mini games including 2 to 10 times tables and a mixed one. Every mini game is one click away so you’ll be ready to play in no time once the app is downloaded. All the levels are quick and easy so you can play them in small portions whenever you have a few minutes to spare for smart fun.
Once the monkeys are freed you can keep playing to challenge your personal high scores and those displayed in the global leader-boards. Make it to the top! Bo the gorilla makes sure to reward you every time you hit your personal high score or rise to the global leader-board.
There is an easy-to-use interface that is simple for kids. Children can compete on global leader-boards as well. If you would like to help your child learn their multiplication tables, be sure to check out 10 Monkey Multiplication!
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
2 Carnival of Animals (Free)
This could just have easily have been in the Storytelling or Creative categories of this roundup, in truth. Aimed at 2-6 year-olds, it wants to teach children about music through a carnival of, yes, animals, exploring concepts like pitch, volume, timbre and rhythm.
3 Gummies Playground (Free)
This collection of mini-games is aimed at 2-5 year-olds, teaching basic numbers, letters, shapes, colors and animals, among other lessons. Each of the 25 tasks is voice-narrated to ensure non-readers know what to do, and there’s a single in-app purchase for parents to unlock the whole app.
4 Invasion of the Moon Monkeys (£0.69)
More multiplication and times tables here, with this action game that gets children defending the world with their maths skills. Influenced by classic arcade games, it gets kids to practice their 1-12 times tables before having a crack at the full game.
5 Kids ABC Trains Game (£1.93)
Aimed at pre-school children, this uses trains and railways as a way to teach kids about letters and phonic sounds. They build a railway by learning each letter, before “driving the train” – tracing letter shapes – loading letter-sound boxes onto it, and matching upper and lower case letters to stop it running away.
6 The Letter Monster (£2.79)
This fun and accessible app comes from Swedish developer Wombi, and stars a ravenous sea monster looking for letters to eat. Children drag the letters from the bottom of the screen to feed him, and learn the difference between upper and lower-case letters as they go.
7 Little Learners Play and Learn (Free)
Designed for toddlers and even babies, this app focuses on early development skills, getting them to interact with a collection of colorful animals and toys. Cows moo, rocking horses rock and – if parents pay an in-app purchase to unlock the full app – crocodiles drive buses to boot.
8 Madagascar: My ABC’s (£1.92)
An alphabetical app based on the Madagascar movies, getting kids to practice letter names and sounds, as well as writing their upper and lower-case versions. As they go, they collect more than 400 digital stickers, with music and poems thrown in for good measure.
9 Numbers & Addition! Maths Games! (Free)
Back to maths with this, one of a range of “i Learn With” educational apps that were released earlier this year for Android. Aimed at 3-6 year-olds, this is based around an adventure in the savannah, with colorful animals on hand to help with counting, ordering and addition/subtraction skills.
10 Squeebles Times Tables 2 (£1.49)
The Squeebles are the cartoon stars of a series of educational apps from developer KeyStageFun, with this the latest. It’s a collection of six multiplication mini-games running from one to 15 times tables, with kids earning stars to use in a bonus bubble-ball game as a reward system.
11 Wombi Math (£1.85)
A second educational app from Wombi, this time focused on sums. It’s structured around a wall full of equations and answers, covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Your child’s job is to solve them.

Top Best Upcoming Mobiles 2013

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Top Best New Upcoming Hottest Mobile Phones

Top upcoming Mobiles
Phones come out faster than almost any other gadget with new look and rich features. Literally, if you go into a store one day, your phone could be obsolete the next. New devices come out every month, each faster and better than the ones before. Following are my favorite upcoming phones. Continue reading

Top Best Mobile Phones 2013

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Mobile Phones 2013

Mobile Phones

1 Apple iPhone 5
2 Samsung Galaxy S4
3 Samsung Galaxy S3
4 HTC One
5 Nokia Lumia 920
6 Sony Xperia Z
7 Nokia Lumia 910
8 Samsung Galaxy Note 2
9 Apple iPhone 4s
10 Blackberry Z10
11 HTC Butterfly
12 Blackberry Curve 9320
13 Sony Xperia ZL
14 HTC Windows Phone 8X
15 Nokia Lumia 820
16 Samsung Galaxy S2
17 Galaxy Grand
18 Samsung ATIV S
19 Sony Xperia SP
20 Samsung Galaxy Note 3