Raghuwansh - descendant of great king Raghu. Raghuwanshi is an Indian dynasty, first mentioned in the indian mythology. Raghuvanshi is believed to be a lineage of kings tracing its ancestry to Surya Raghuwanshi kings like Mandhata, Harishchandra, Sagar, Bhagirath, Dilipa, Raghu, Aja, Dasaratha and Ram.
The clan founder was Vivasvan or Vaivaswat Manu who was also known as Arka-tanaya or son of Arka (Surya), is supposed to have lived coeval with the origin of the world. The name Vivaswan literally means “master of the rays”; the sun, or sun-god. The first historically significant king of this dynasty was Vivaswan’s grandson Ikshvaku, so the dynasty is also known as the Ikshvaku dynasty. Raja Prithu was son of Ikshvaku. Because of the greatness of Raja Prithu, whole world was known as Prithvi (“Earth”).
Kalidasa’s famous work, Raghuvansh narrates the epic of the Raghuvanshi in 19 sargas.
The epic i.e. mahakavya composed by the classical poet Kalidasa on the lives of the ancestors of Ram is entitled Raghuvamsha or the “Dynasty of Raghu”. The descendants of King Raghu are known as Raghuvanshi. Valmiki Ramayana mention about “Raghukula”, a clan of the King Raghu not Ram. Ram himself is known by many appellations (such as Raghava, Raghunandan and Raghukula Nayaka), indicative of his belonging to the family of Raghu.

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